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Book Review: Miracle at Higher Grounds Cafe

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Title: Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe

Author: Max Lucado, Eric Newman, and Candace Lee

Genre: Christian Fiction

Pages: 192

Overall Goodreads Rating: 3.99

Published: February 17th, 2015 by Thomas Nelson


My Rating:

5 stars

Miracle at Higher Grounds Cafe is hands down my favorite book I have read so far this year! It was truly like a Hallmark movie with Christian values with a dash of romance all in one. You know that feeling you get when you look outside and it’s a crisp fall day. You can smell the change in the season, the leaves are golden and vibrant, waving in the wind. You’re snuggled up with a blanket and a warm caramel apple cider, and you even have fuzzy socks to top it off. It’s the ultimate cozy/warm fuzzies type of day. Max Lucado bottled up those warm fuzzies and captured them in Miracle at Higher Grounds. I laughed, cried, squealed, smiled, and all the other wonderful feels came to me while reading this book. Miracle at Higher Grounds will leave remind you of the miracles that happen around us every day that we may not think of. It reminds us that angels are fighting for us every second of the day and that when we feel like we’ve hit rock bottom God will use the ugly, terrible, devastating situations in our lives and turn them for His good.

We follow heartbroken Chelsea who has moved back to her small home town with her two children after a devastating blow to her marriage. Chelsea reopens her grandmothers coffee shop who has been passed down through her family for generations. Between opening up the coffee shop, competing with the chain coffee shop that is taking over the town, and the lack of faith Chelsea is feeling after her separation with her husband, she’s barely holding her head above the water. Just when she thinks things can’t get worse Chelsea receives a letter informing her that her mother owed a significant amount of money to the government, and if not paid off soon Chelsea will be forced to sell the coffee shop. She’s lost all hope, and then out of nowhere a clumsy funny dressing, a kind man named Manny steps foot into the shop, and things will never be the same. With the help of unexpected help, a loving neighbor, family, and a blog that may be heaven-sent Chelsea’s life will never be the same.

Since reading this book I have searched high and low for another book that has a similar plot, and Y’all I haven’t found anything close. Miracle at Higher Grounds Cafe shows us that God sends us angels to help fight our battles. I loved the aspect of Chelsea’s guardian angel being right in front of her, and her never knowing. Max also reminds us that angels are having to fight all around us for us because the enemy is always near, and they are battling for our souls. There’s a battle going on all around us, and it was a good reminder, a reminder that I need to always be wearing God’s armor (Ephesians 6: 10-18)

The characters were simply adorable and I want to be friends with every single one of them. Bo, Chelsea’s next-door neighbor is such a strong Christian man that truly pours out God’s love and hope on Chelsea and her children. Every time he was in a scene I couldn’t help but smile, and also feel inspired to be more like him. Max did a great job of having the reader feel connected to Bo, and feel what Chelsea was feeling when she was around Bo.

I was really rooting for redemption and healing in Chelsea’s marriage. Their marriage was broken and I was truly hoping for the healing and restoration that only God can provide.  Watching them go through the repercussions of actions were heartbreaking, and Max did a great job at having the couple go through situations that so many marriages suffer from.

Manny was the most enjoyable to read about. Being sent down from heaven he had to get used to being human. That meant learning how to walk, interact with others, and even down to proper way to dress which I don’t think he ever really got the hang of which was hilarious. He truly loved Chelsea and worked so hard to help achieve the plan God had for her. He was truly perfection and so pure. Max let us fall in love with Manny’s holiness and pureness. There’s a scene where Manny learns about a certain movie and Y’all it was the funniest most adorable thing. It really was fun to see Manny get excited like a child about something so simple I loved it. I also enjoyed the balance of Manny’s character. While him being new to earth gave him the excitement of a child he was so strong and powerful at the same time. He desired God and his own calling to help Chelsea over anything else and followed God’s will without any hesitation.

So I think it’s easy to see that I recommend this book with everything in me. I absolutely love it and the wonderful message that’s held in its pages. If you are wanting a book that will give you all the warm and fuzzies, inspire your faith to grow, and enlighten you then what are you waiting for? Go get this awesome book, and I can’t see you being disappointed.

If you have read any book that has guardian angels in disguise please share the title with me. I’m shocked with how hard it is to find a book that has angels in it helping fulfill God’s plan. I would also love to know what book gives you all the warm and fuzzy’s so I can add them to my TBR.

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