3 True-Crime Podcasts I’m Obsessed With


I’ve shared before that I am obsessed with true crime. I always have been, and I joke with my family that I should have been a private eye (it’s never too late right?) I’ve always watched true crime shows, but for some reason, I didn’t know that true crime podcasts were a thing! Podcasts are still new to me, but the last year or so I’ve really been digging deep into this world. These podcasts dive into unsolved murders and true crime stories. The cool part is each podcast has or is in the midst of helping solve a cold case.  Today I want to share my top 3 true crime podcasts and my favorite episode or season from said podcasts.

True Crime Junkie

true crime junkie.jpg

This is the podcast that got me into true crime podcasts. Ashley and Britt discuss popular true crime cases and give so much detail that they’ve made me change my mind on my personal verdicts with a few cases! Now I can’t listen to too many episodes in a day or I will start to get paranoid. Ashley just has a way of really making you get into the case and the music they play along with her tone really makes it atmospheric.

My favorite episodes: 42: Murdered: Chandra Levy, 2: Murdered: Laci Peterson, 20: ADNAN: What Serial Didn’t Tell You

Up and Vanished

up and vanished

Oh my gosh, Y’all I devoured this podcast! I love the way this podcast is crafted. They take one case per season and really dig deep into it. In season one they start with a cold case, but the amazing thing is with their help the case has been solved! Going on that ride with the cast was absolutely surreal. The second season’s crime was seriously one of the strangest cases I have ever heard of, and the journey they went on was compelling, weird, and fascinating. While I liked the first season better because I was just more interested in that case, the second season was compelling and addicting. I’m really hoping that the third season comes out soon, or at least we find out what case they are taking on.

My Favorites: All of season one. I couldn’t stop listening!



Culpable is from the same production as Up and Vanish and it has the same addicting and compelling components. This show has just started and as of posting, this has only 7 episodes so I HIGHLY encourage you to jump on this bandwagon while you can. There’s just something about being a part of the following as the details are being put out each week. I’m even part of the facebook group ha! I’ve listened to each episode twice, and I’m just trying so hard to find any cracks in this case as I can. Culpable is taking on the case of Christian Andreacchio. Christian’s death was written as a suicide after a VERY quick overview of the crime scene. Y’all this was not a suicide! I want to go into detail but let me just say this podcast reveals cover-ups, conspiracy’s, evidence that wasn’t taken into account, and so much more! I truly believe with all the hype this podcast is getting this case will be reopened, and hopefully solved! This is probably my favorite true-crime podcast shhh don’t tell the other shows!

My Favorite Episodes: 3. The Apartment, Episode 7. A Second Look

So those are my top 3 true crime podcasts that I am obsessed with. I would love to know what podcasts you are loving. If you’ve listened to any of the above let me know so we can fan over them!


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