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10 Ways to Show Love: Acts of Service Love Language


Valentine’s Day is almost here! I’m so excited I love Valentine’s Day. The romantic in me gets all giddy thinking about how millions of people around the world are celebrating love! This week’s posts will be all about love and I cannot wait to share them all with you.

I wanted to start with sharing that Chris’s love language is, acts of service and I have struggled with this for years. I am so thankful that I know his love language, but there have been times that I have just drawn a blank as to what to do for him to show him, love. Over the years I have found certain acts that mean a lot to him, and I can tell he truly feels love when I do them for him.

For the longest time, I showed him that I loved him by how I receive love. It wasn’t until we got engaged and a pastor had us read The Five Love Languages did we realize that we receive love completely differently. I, of course, had to make things complicated so I have two love languages! Mine are words of affirmation which is my first one and it’s so true. I hold words very near and dear to my heart. I am super sensitive and take everything to heart. My second love language is quality time, and I love that Chris’s New Year’s resolution was to make more time for quality time and I love it! He’s good at spending time with me, but knowing that he is being intentionally about it means the world to me.

So as you can see we are complete opposites when it comes to receiving love, and I know that’s common in many marriages so if you have a loved one that receives love different than you-you’re not alone. If your loved one receives love by acts of service I hope these ideas come in handy for you!

Fill Their Car Up With Gas and/or Clean their Car Out

It’s winter and no one likes getting out of the car to get gas. The night before if you can sneak out and fill their car up that will be such a nice surprise when they start their day off. When they get in their car and maybe dreading another work day you are giving them a sweet surprise that may start their day off with gratitude.

Funny Story: Chris has a brand new truck that I am terrified of driving, and honestly I don’t know if he would trust me to drive his baby haha. So what I do is a take a gas can to the gas station and fill it up. Then I come home and fill his truck up that way haha. This kinda makes it easier to surprise him anyway so it works, but I think it’s kind of funny.

You can also get the trash out of their car for them because we all are guilty of having leftover coffee cups in the cup holders and a few recipes laying around. It takes 5 minutes but it leaves a huge impact.

Start Their Car/Scrape Their Windshield if it Snowed

Acts of Service isn’t my love language, but Chris scrapes my windshield for me and seeing him out in the cold making that sacrifice for me melts my heart!

Making Their Favorite Dinner and/or Meal Prep for Them


Chris’s favorite dinner is lasagna and the way I make it takes seriously all day. I make my own sauce and everything so it’s very time-consuming so I don’t make it often. I’ll, of course, be making this Valentine’s Day, but I am also going to be meal prepping healthy meals for him for the next several days. Chris is the kind of person that wants to eat healthily, but he would rather order out with the rest of the people at work than take the time to make lunch before work. When I make healthy lunches and snacks for him it shows him the love I have for him. I love Chris and I want him to be healthy and he feels loved when I take the time to prep healthy meals for him.

If you want to meal prep and need a few ideas here is a post I made recently that has some yummy recipes Healthy Eating Plan

Watch A Movie They’ve Been Wanting to See

Sometimes Chris wants to see a movie that I have no interests in, but I’ve realized that even that is an act of service that means so much to me. The good part is sometimes I even end up liking the movie too.

Date with all Thier Favorite Things and/or Night at a Hotel

liana-mikah-709546-unsplash (1)

Have a date night all that involves all their favorite things such as their favorite restaurant, a favorite place for dessert, a movie or another activity they love, and end the night at a hotel. Wear their favorite outfit of yours and have their favorite laid out and pressed for them. Pack their bag for them the goal is to do and plan everything so it truly is a surprise and a relaxing time where they don’t have to worry about anything.

With Valentine’s day coming up this would be a such a fun and romantic Valentine’s date. You can even do an air B&B. We’ve done this at a hotel that has a great spa and that added such a relaxing element to the fun. If you can’t do a hotel trip try to make your home feels like a luxury home with candles, fresh clean sheets, and a clean house.

Deep Clean the House

Chris and I both are the type of people that are happier with a clean house, but Chris LOVES  a spotless house. I mean loves it so much that I can see the difference in him when he walks through the door and the house is spotless. He never says anything if it’s messy because he understands life gets in the way sometimes, but he is so appreciative when I do take the time out to do a deep clean.

If a deep clean in the house just isn’t something you’re able to do, because again, life then you could do the one chore that your spouse hates.

Breakfast and/or Coffee in Bed

jen-p-541467-unsplash (1)

I plan on doing fresh fruit for breakfast with homemade whip cream and french press coffee. I’ll do greek yogurt on the side with granola, and if I’m feeling extra I may do a side of bacon for him. Chris loves bacon I mean who doesn’t right?

Do an Activity That Helps Them Unwind (NO PHONES)

Chris loves doing puzzles, and I’ve learned to enjoy them but for different reasons. The activity destresses him so much, and he really starts to open up as he starts to unwind. Since our hands are busy we aren’t picking up our phones, and this allows some real quality time which is one of my love languages it’s a double win! I make a big pot of tea to share, and I turn over all the pieces for him and put all the edge pieces in a pile. I’m not very good at it but I can organize!

Simple Ask Them What You Can do for Them

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking your spouse what it is that you can do for them that they would appreciate. Just the act of asking and being willing to do whatever you can to make their life easier is showing love.

Pedicures and Foot Massage

camille-kmile-1120204-unsplash (1)

I’m going into detail with this one because I believe this is the one that means the most to Chris.

My husband is on his feet non stop for over 10 hours a day. He never sits and his poor feet are just a hot mess. Every now and again I go all out and will give him a full-on pedicure and foot massage to help with the pain.

I try to go all out and I’ll share what I do, but you don’t have to do what I do if you don’t have the supplies. You can simply pour hot water in a big bowl and let your loved one soak their feet in it. Once they’ve soaked their feet you can make a simple sugar scrub (I’ll share below) and exfoliate their feet. Once you’ve done that you can dry their feet and lather lotion on their feet and calves and give a gentle massage. Simple but luxurious and relaxing!

Now if you want to go all out here is what you will need:

A pedicure tub.

You can get these at Walmart but I got ours on Amazon. We did have a fancy one that was supposed to bubble and keep the water warm but it didn’t and it was a waste of money. We have this tub and I like how deep it is so you can soak your ankles and lower calves. Because of my PCOS, I swell up pretty bad some days so this is great for me. It’s also inexpensive so that’s always a plus!

Essential Oils or Bath Bomb

fill it up with some warm water and I like to add some essential oils or a bath bomb. For Chris, I like to add lavender and patchouli. Now I will say A LOT of people do not like patchouli so differently smell it at the store before you buy it. I love it and I think it smells very masculine. You could also do Lavender and sandalwood that’s a great combo and not as strong.

Heated Towel and socks

Now while your spouse is soaking there fit run to the dryer and fluff a towel and a pair of socks. If you’ve ever had a pedicure at a salon you know how amazing it feels when they wrap your legs up in that nice and toasty towel.

Pedicure Tool Kit

I have a kit that has that has a foot file, callus remover, a nail file, and nail clippers. I got it at Walmart, but this is very similar if you can’t find one. This is when I start to “brush” his feet with the callus remover, push back his cuticles, file his nails or clip them etc. I lift his feet up and over to the side to do this. I don’t want anything going into the water instead it goes on the towel I have under the pedicure tub. Funny part this is where I try very hard to not gag because it’s a known thing that I HATE feet. So this truly shows him, my love.


One of my favorite parts of a pedicure as well Chris’s is the scrub. I make a very simple scrub about a cup of sugar and a few tablespoons of oil. I’ve used coconut, olive oil, almond oil, just whatever I have on hand. I like to add a few drops of essential oils in it and that’s it!

Lotion and Massage

This is where I will dry off his feet and legs with the warm towel. I will lay the towel on his feet and legs for about a minute to let his muscles relax. then I will add the lotion and start the foot and leg massage. If you want to really get into it you can look on Youtube or Pinterest to learn how to give a professional massage.


Now the massage is finished and I will put socks on for him. I like to lather his feet up with lotion one more time and then lock in that moisture by putting the warm socks on.


I hope this list has helped you find some ways to show your spouse you love them. If you or your spouse’s love language is acts of service please share your tips to show your spouse love. If you plan on trying any of the suggestions let me know!

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

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