Super Bowl Weekend Recap

Hey Y’all, how was your weekend? I’ve been playing around with doing a weekend recap on here, but Y’all my life is pretty boring! I decided to do one anyway because when I read recaps I feel like I really get to know the person behind the blog a little more and I want to make this blog as personal as I can. I hope you guys had a great weekend and I hope you enjoy my little recap!


Friday was a busy day from the start. I woke up and didn’t feel the best. Out of nowhere I couldn’t breath, I was so congested, my head hurt, I had the chills, and my throat was killing me. I swear Chris brings so many germs home from the pharmacy and he never gets sick he just passes it along to me lol. It was hard to be in a bad mood though because the views at our house with the fresh snow was just breathtakingly beautiful.

temp 2

Before work, I ran to Ingles and got some of the delis chicken noodle soup, and since there is a Starbucks in our Ingles I got a medicine ball. Okay if you haven’t had a medicine ball you are seriously missing out! They take their two teas mint majesty and their peach tea and step it in half water and half lemonade with two pumps of peppermint syrup and a packet of honey.  You have to try it it’s delicious and the peppermint was so soothing on my sore throat.

Once I got to work we were slammed and we had to squeeze in a meeting in between the hustle and bustle. We actually get a lot of business before Valentine’s Day because we have local handmade jewelry, vintage gifts, cute date night outfits, and our little town loves helping local businesses and getting a unique item at the same time. So we had many customers coming in getting an earlier start on gifts. My time at the store went by fast and before I knew it it was time for my Zumba class!

I was a hot mess at Zumba and I debated on not going since I was sick. I never know if I should not go when I’m sick or if it’s best to push through. I think it’s different for everyone, but when I went it actually helped my congestion. It was gross but my nose started running and my chest started to open a little bit and I was able to breathe and get a little relief. There were only two of us in the class since it had snowed, and Lisa is a good friend so I wasn’t too embarrassed about being so gross haha.

After Zumba, I had just enough time to run to Walmart to get a few things and run home to take a shower before having to leave for my brother’s basketball game. They are in the middle of a tournament and we had to drive an hour to get to the game. I was so excited to go, but you guys it was a little rough. Keep in mind it’s tournament season so parent’s emotions are high, but guys it was bad! There were multiple fights, the police had to step in multiple times, and I didn’t even let Justin take pictures after the game. I got him out of there as fast as I could because the fights were that crazy! I was so disappointed in how the other team was handling things, and how rude they were to not just the parents but to the players. These young men are in 8th grade and are learning from our example. I hated seeing the examples that were being led that day.

On a brighter note, we did win and the joy in our boy’s hearts couldn’t be stolen by the lack of obedience by the other team’s parents. The thing I was most proud of is the sportsmanship our team showed. They helped the other team players up when they fell, they were all smiles and encouraging, and never once rude.  Since we won this game we would play again Saturday morning.



Sadly I wasn’t able to make it Saturday. I had to drive an hour away to pick some papers up for our taxes and get my house clean since we were going to have company over. I had to snag another picture of the snow because we never get snow and knew this was probably our last snow of the season.

temp 3

While driving I listened to the book Always Watching by Lynette Eason and it is AMAZING!!!! If you enjoy Christian thriller/suspense I cannot recommend it enough. On my way back my mom called to let me know that my brother’s team lost and they placed 2nd in section. My heart broke for them, but I was so happy that they got that far. They were the first team for their school to ever get that far. I know that wanted to win the entire thing, but they accomplished so much this year and I couldn’t be more proud.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some light cleaning and trying to take it easy. I was still feeling pretty bad, and I laid down pretty early hoping that rest would help me heal.


Well, I woke up Sunday and felt awful I had a fever and not to be too personal but my monthly visitor arrived and that made me feel 100 times worse. I wanted to get in some antioxidants and I made a big bowl of fruit for breakfast.

temp 4.PNG

I am so glad that I decided to stop the Keto diet and simply eat clean. My body has responded well to the change and I simply feel like I’m doing something good for my body whereas on the Keto diet I was eating tons of bad fat. We recently got an Aldi’s in our town and oh my goodness I LOVE it!!! I get all our fruit and veggies there. I cannot believe how good of a deal I get! If you have an Aldi’s and you haven’t tried it out yet I highly suggest you give it a go!

FUNNY STORY: The first time I went no one told me that you have to put a quarter in the slot on the cart. Well I try to always take someone’s cart so they don’t have to take it all the way back to the store or the cart station thingy (I don’t know what they’re called lol) Anyway I went up to a lady and told her I would take her cart for her if she would like me to. She smiled and thanked me then opened her hand out like I was supposed to give her something. I had no clue what she was wanting so I awkwardly tried to high five her! I panicked and didn’t know what in the world was going on. She looked at me funny for a second and then simply said: “You’ve never shopped here have you.” Not a question it was a statement. I smiled and told her no and she explained that she was wanting her quarter back and told me the system Aldi’s has. I am not kidding I could have died right there on the spot. It was so embarrassing but it makes for a good story haha.

spent the rest of the morning doing some cleaning and resting when I could. I normally cook for our company, but I was so sick I didn’t want to cook and I also didn’t want to take a chance on anyone else catching it from me preparing their food. So we simply ordered pizza, got a few veggie trays, chips, and pre-made dips. Chris was such a sweetheart and he ran to Ingles to get me the deli chicken noodle soup I love when I’m sick, I’m telling you if you are sick and craving homemade soup, but you don’t want to cook Ingles has the best soup ever! I was so happy he did this not only because I was sick, but also it kept me from eating all the pizza! So I pigged out on chicken noodle soup and veggies this super bowl. Not your normal Super Bowl snacks but hey I like to walk on the wild side!

I didn’t invite any of my girlfriends because most of them worked the next day, they don’t care about football, and I was sick so it was just Chris’s guy friends. It’s been a tradition for the last 6 years to have a Super Bowl party at our house and the boys weren’t going to let the fear of catching my cold get in the way of tradition. I’m kinda glad it was just Chris’s friend because I didn’t feel like I had to entertain. They didn’t care at all that I read and semi napped during the entire game.

I asked on Instagram if everyone was actually watching the game or if like me you were in a corner reading and the response was unanimous.


I have the book I was listening to on audio in actual book form too because I’m that crazy booknerd. Ollies had it for $3.99 and I had to have it, and it’s also free on Kindle Unlimited if you want to check it out. I could not put it down! The only reason I was able to stop reading was that my NiQuil kicked in and I was out for the count about ten minutes after everyone left.

I hope you enjoyed reading my weekend recap even though it was a little boring. I really enjoyed writing it, and the next one I will for sure take more pictures and hopefully have a more exciting weekend to share. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this and if you have any request for different types of posts.

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday and that you are staying warm! How did your weekend go? I would love to hear and talk to you in the comments.

Have a blessed day!

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8 thoughts on “Super Bowl Weekend Recap”

    1. Thank you so much! I feel like I may be on the end of the cold.
      We went from really cold weather last week to it now being in the 70s so hopefully the change doesn’t bring on another cold lol.
      Oh what did your read??
      I love finding another bookworm to fangirl with!
      Please let me know if you like Always Watching.
      I loved the audio book if you listen to books I highly recommend it.
      I finished the book super fast.
      I couldn’t put it down! If I had to get up and do something I would switch to the audio version. It was that addicting!
      It was the first time in a long time that I finished a book that fast!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!
      I hope you’re having a wonderful day!


  1. I love your views. The snow looks so pretty. We are finally getting snow now and I am so happy. That is crazy about the basketball games and the fights. Crazy! I hope you are feeling better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jenna! The move has been a little hard, but man those views make it easier lol!
      Yeah I was really disappointed in the parents at the game. Besides the parents acting out I really enjoyed the tournament, and seeing the boys work so hard. I’m glad it’s over though and we can all relax and rest finally.
      Thank you so much I feel like I may be on the end side of my cold. Fingers crossed!
      Thank you so much for commenting Jenna I love our little chats!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! It’s honestly probably one of my fav Starbs drink. I’m thinking about doing a DIY Medicine Ball recipe on here!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Shannon!


  2. Hi, Ashley! I loved reading this recap!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I really hope you are feeling 100% better by now. Being sick is no Bueno, but I’ll have to try the medicine ball drink next time the bug hits- sounds yummy & soothing! That view out your window is magical. It makes me homesick for the Midwest. That’s nuts about the basketball parents- goodness gracious, people get in a tizzy over their sports, huh?! But big congrats for the win- good for them for having such high character!! I have to read that book by Lynette Eason.. it’s sooo up my alley !Thanks for the suggestion 🙂 Okay that aldi story is hilarious!!! Don’t be embarrassed- it’s such a strange little unique system to get used to! And now you know & like you said- makes for a GREAT story, lol. This was so fun to read. Have a great week ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you Mackenzie! I really enjoyed writing in recap form, and I think I’ll be doing it more hopefully with more pics next time lol.
      Yes you have to try The Medicine Ball it’s soooo yummy!
      I’m feeling better, but still feel a little off. Chris brings so much junk home from the pharmacy I don’t know if I’ll ever not be sick haha.
      Thank you I seriously love our views. It seriously takes my breath away. I recommend to everyone that they should live in the woods lol I thought it would be scary, but it’s too stunning to be anything else!
      Girl PLEASE read that book so I have someone to talk to about it! It was my first thriller novel and now that’s all I want to read! Also the Christian aspect of it was beautiful and realistic. If you have Kindle Unlimited it’s free on there! I found my copy at Ollies for $3.99!!!!!
      Thank you for thinking my ALDI story was funny too. I’m such an awkward person I have so many stories like that sadly haha!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and comment. Love hearing for you!!


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