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Current Bible Study I’m Using During A Busy Season

Early this week I gave a little insight into all the changes that have been going on in my life. This season is quite busy and I am having to be more intentional with my time. You know that I am all about honesty on this blog, and I have to admit that my time with God lacked for a little bit.

See I had all these plans to read through the Bible this year, always been in a study, have a good devotional, and read His word for hours at a time. This wasn’t matching up with the new season I’m in, and well I dropped the ball I got so stressed that I wasn’t meeting the goals that I stopped altogether. I had been looking at others goals being met and seeing them grow closer to God in the process that I stopped. I caught myself falling victim of comparison.

I just wrote about not being goal oriented and here I was worrying more about my goal than being intentional with the time I did have to spend with Him. I’ve learned that in some seasons we have to be spoon feed His Word and to be okay with that. It doesn’t matter if I had hours of time to learn more about Him if I wasn’t being intentional than I wouldn’t learn anything. If I could be intentional with 15 minutes then at least I am learning something. That’s where this Bible study came into play.

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It gave me a few verses to read and then the study was a page long, but wow it is packed full with insight. It comes with questions that you can download and I keep them on my phone to look at throughout the day. When Chris bought me these for my birthday I thought they would be a little addition to my Bible time. Little did I know that God had other plans, and they would be my saving grace through this season.


The study I’m doing is Joy in Christ by The Daily Grace Co and it takes you through the books of Philippians and Ephesians. It starts with Philippians and you read roughly 5 verses a day. I’ve enjoyed this because it’s teaching me how to meditate on just a few verses at a time. I use to think that I had to be digging into a deep study at all times to truly be learning, but that’s just a lie from the enemy. While I do believe that it is good for us to dig deep, it shouldn’t keep us out of The Word just because it isn’t the season for it. You may be a new mommy, a college student, starting a new job, and finding it hard to find time for Jesus. It’s hard to admit but we’ve all been there. Let Jesus spoon feed you His Word and promises during this season, and later in a different season when you have more time be obedient and give Christ more time. This is a lesson I’m currently learning. I’m in the middle of it, but I’m learning more and more about his grace through it.

I am so thankful for these studies and that Chris did such an amazing job in choosing these for me. Chris bought this set and I can’t recommend it enough especially if you are in a busy season of life. They are always having crazy good sales so be on the lookout for one and snag a study or two if you can.

What study are you currently in? If you are going through a busy season how do you stay in His Word? I would love to know your tips! If you’re in a season where you can really dig into a deep study please share, and I will add it to my list for when things settle down. I’m excited to read all Y’alls suggestions and chit chat in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Current Bible Study I’m Using During A Busy Season”

  1. Thanks for sharing. These books look great! When my life seems to get crazy (which seems to be a lot of the time as a new wife, aspiring author, editor, and full-time worker), I have a daily journaling book which gives me a verse and then different prompts to meditate and pray on it. It takes only about ten minutes but definitely gets me focused. I also like it because even when I’m done with the book, it’s something I could easily continue doing with verses of my own choosing!

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    1. Oh I love this! I’m going to have to look for a journal like that. Thank you so much for sharing Rachel!!
      Yay for another inspiring author!!! Wow you have a lot on your plate sister! Thank you for sharing how you find balance I really am going to hunt for a journal like that!


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