Chasing God Not My Dream


I talked about conquering a fear over on my Instagram where I have started microblogging. I opened up about how I have a dream of being a writer, and how that dream can’t come true if I refuse to conquer fears that are holding me back. So with a little pep talk to myself and a lot of faith I took a small plunge that day. I saw a faith-based company I love were asking for submissions for their magazine. I took the plunge and started on a piece of work for submission. I worked on it, prayed over it, had family and friends critique it, and this morning I finally hit the send button.

I can’t tell you how exhilarating it feels to be able to say I hit the send button. So many times I have worked on pieces and I start with excitement but then I let my fear take over, and instead of having faith and push through I stop writing. I even have two books that I have worked on and you guessed it, I stop roughly in the middle of the first draft. They just sit there on my computer glaring at me and I’m filled with regret. I wish I could tell you that there was a magical day where I woke up and felt good enough, that I felt equipped to write, but that simply isn’t true. Instead, I woke up one day and realized I may not be good enough but I know who is. Friends, it’s not about being a certain level of talent it’s about what He is calling you to do. He is equipped, He will provide, and He will show you how to overcome your fear, but what if “my dream” isn’t really what is important here?

Writing may not be the overall goal He has for me. I may never be published anywhere but this little blog. He may be using my writing as a way to show me to take the limits off of Him. To show me that fear doesn’t control me. He may show me something important through my writing. He simply may use this dream as a tool to help me grow in Him or He may have big plans. Maybe I will be published I don’t know. What I do know is that today He lead me to conquer fear and that’s big on its own. I may send submission after submission and get rejected every single time, but it’s going to teach me hard work, obedience in writing, and only God knows what else He has in store for me to learn through this process.

Here is what God has been placing on my heart. If I pray over a dream or passion I have, and I feel a wild burning and a push to try to reach that dream, and I do nothing about it I’m being disobedient by not following it. But here’s the important part, the big aha moment for me is I need to be chasing God and not the dream. That’s where it gets tricky. He places a dream on our heart for a reason, and maybe it’s simply a tool that He will use to grow our walk with Him. Without being obedient and following Him we will never be where He calls us to be in our walk with Him. Don’t let the dream be your idol but let him gracefully guide you. Allow God to take that passion that He has placed on your heart and work it for His glory, not Yours.

I need to be chasing God not my dream. He places a dream on our heart for a reason, and maybe that dream is simply a tool that He will use to grow our walk with Him.

I just wanted to share with you where I’m at right now, and rejoice with you that I’ve put my faith over my fear. I’m allowing Him to use me, and I am so excited to see where this goes. I would love to hear what dreams you have that God has placed on your heart. Let’s pray for one another and encourage one another to chase God and allow Him to use our dreams for His glory. What fear are you trying to conquer? I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Chasing God Not My Dream”

  1. Loved this! I’ve been praying to God for a while over changing my major to communications to follow a writing path. It’s been a struggle of figuring out if I follow society or my passion God created for me, and today I finally did. While I’m scared about the change, I know God will make me succeed regardless.

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    1. Eve that is fantastic! It’s hard to follow God when it goes against the “usual” I hope you aren’t a stranger on here, and come back to let me know how classes are going and how God is working in your life! Thank you for sharing, and good luck with school!

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