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3 Podcasts Recommendations + 3 Podcasts I Want To Try

Over the last year or so I have been really enjoying podcasts. I like to listen to them while I clean, get ready, and in the car. Since I’m still kind of new to them I have listened more to motivating faith-based podcasts. I use them as a tool to help me stay motivated and help me grow in my every day walk with Christ. I’ll break down why I love each podcast, what makes it unique, and why I keep going back week after week.

podcast recommendations and favorite podcasts

The Journey Women Podcast

This is the show that truly founded my love of podcasts. Hunter Beless is the host and creator of The Journey Women Podcast, and Y’all she is amazing! She gets just as excited over her guests as we do. She’s authentic in her walk with Christ and her enthusiasm to learn from other godly women is contagious. I love the different guests that they have on this podcast they range from pastors, authors, bloggers, Christian entrepreneurs, and The shows are always uplifting and Hunter makes sure to ask as many questions as possible while keeping the conversation sounding and feeling like two girlfriends having coffee instead of an interview. I always feel motivated and like I learned something after listening to this podcast, and I feel like that’s the most important thing. This show specifically recommends a lot of books and hosts many authors. Y’all know I love to read and so that’s a huge bonus for me.

While their new season doesn’t start till April because Hunter is on maternity leave they have a great catalog of shows that will keep you satisfied till then. Also, they keep their website updated with materials, books, resources, and more items they recommend.

Now that I’m enjoying podcasts more than ever I want to branch out and find more podcasts that I enjoy from different categories. So while I will still be listening and looking for more faith-based podcasts I want to try popular podcasts and review them on here for y’all so we all can enjoy them.

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Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

Everyone that knows me knows that I love Lysa Terkeurst so when I found out that her ministries were coming out with a podcast not only did I download it I made sure to know the day, the time, and I was waiting with a pen and paper when it started. Lysa is on some of the shows and she does a great job of bringing the Bible to life. This podcast is more about learning more about the Bible then it is interviewing others. The women who host the show are very open about their struggles and I love their transparency. They dig deep into the Bible and are always bringing everything back to scripture. I always have notes to add to my Bible after listening. I love how the Bible-oriented it is and it feels like I’m at a Bible study when I turn on this podcast.

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The Happy Hour

This is the one that is newest to me. I say Lysa post on Instagram that she did an interview with Jamie, and I immediately downloaded the podcast. I was in tears by the end of the show. You could tell Jamie and Lysa are good friends and that Lysa felt comfortable sharing her testimony. Jamie was respectful but she didn’t stop from asking pressing questions about difficulties and Lysa’s faith. Jamie felt like a wonderful mixture of talking to a friend and being a well-educated journalist. She just knows the questions that are burning inside the listener’s mind and she’s not afraid to ask them. Since then I’ve listened to about four other shows of Jamie’s and it’s easy to say I’m now a fan.

New To Me Podcasts

These are the podcasts I want to try and then come back in a few weeks to tell you my thoughts.

nancy guthrie, popular podcasts, educational podcasts, christian podcasts

Help Me Teach The Bible

I’m not a Sunday school teacher or life-group leader, but I do feel called to learn as much as I can about the Bible. I want to learn how to teach the Bible so I am equipped with the power of knowledge of The Word. I believe this will help me for when I have children. I also like the idea of being able to answer questions that my non-believing friends may ask, and who knows maybe God will lead me one day to teach a Bible study or something!

podcasts for christian women

Your Daily Prayer

I’ve heard this podcast is pretty awesome, and I’ve been trying hard to improve my prayer life. I think this will be a great tool to help me stay motivated and to learn more about how I can stay encouraged in my prayer life.

best podcasts of 2018

Slow Burn

I am a huge history nerd and I had a friend recommend this podcast to me. She said that its focus is to give you a look into history as if you were living in that time. I thought that was a unique idea and I’m intrigued to see how and what the host does to make the listener feel like they are living in that time.

Those are the podcasts I recommend, and the three I plan on trying and reviewing throughout the next few weeks. I would love to hear what your favorite podcasts are! Do you like listening to them for motivation, to learn entertainment or all the above?

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1 thought on “3 Podcasts Recommendations + 3 Podcasts I Want To Try”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Ashley! I loveee podcasts & am always looking for recommendations. I have listened to the Happy Hour before- it was sooo great- so genuine!


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