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Book Review: Pray Big for your Marriage

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Pray Big for your Marriage

By: Will Davis Jr.

5 stars


I am a big believer in praying over your marriage, and I have read many books based on prayers for your spouse and marriage. Pray Big for your Marriage has been my favorite one I’ve read so far! Davis went into so much detail on the “why” we pray the prayers we do, and how we should be praying big bold pinpoint prayers over our marriage. This book hit every part of your marriage you should be praying over, and it truly shone a positive light on praying over your marriage.

I have seen some books where it makes the reader feel like if they are praying for their marriage then their marriage  must be in trouble. Pray Big for your Marriage shows the reader that every marriage is a gift from God, and that we need to be prepared to cover that gift in praise and prayer. With every gift from God the enemy will be trying his best to destroy it, so when covering your marriage with praise and prayer you are defeating the enemies plans. This book covers praying every day prayers that are bold but not overwhelming, to big pinpoint areas that your marriage may need a little more protection and healing.

Davis gives insight on his marriage and what he has struggled with as a husband in the past, and I LOVED the transparency and how he really let the reader see that his marriage isn’t perfect but it never stops them from growing in God and ultimately their marriage grows because of it. He weaves in stories about his marriage throughout the book, and he starts with being an eager man wanting to purpose to his wife to being jealous at times, to struggling in his faith. It made me feel like he wasn’t preaching at me but showing how God’s grace should be an example of our marriage. He showed how him and his wife are growing together and with that growing pains come and go and we must arm ourselves with faith and prayer. The stories oh his marriage did a great job at balancing seriousness and humor and were a wonderful addition to the book.

The BEST part of this book was that it had an entire section for spouses who want to pray for their husband or wife that aren’t saved. Y’all this section was slammed packed with amazing tips, encouragement, and prayers. In this section it talks about not arguing with your spouse and to instead fight with your prayers! Davis does an amazing job encouraging the reader to not get discouraged or believe the enemy’s lies and to pray hard and fervently for their spouse while leading an faithful example in a soft spirited way. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see this chapter because in other books I have seen maybe one prayer for the spouse who isn’t saved or no prayers for that topic at all. This book gives an entire chapter chalked full of prayers, but also how you can lead your household by an example of God’s love and not the harsh ways that you can easily slip into out of frustration.


At the end of the book there is a 30 day prayer devotional that I am starting. I loved how the book didn’t just end, but Davis gave the reader an easy and manageable way to apply what they  learned from the book in their every day life. Sometimes after reading a prayer book it can be overwhelming but the devotional spoon feeds tangible prayers that will bless your marriage and help you to grow in your prayer life.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and that you pick this book up! Do you enjoy reading books on prayer? I would love to hear what are some of your favorite books. I am always reading, and looking for another great read! If you enjoy my book reviews, and would like me to write them more often please let me know in the comments below!



1 thought on “Book Review: Pray Big for your Marriage”

  1. What a great recommendation. I firmly believe that if you aren’t coming together, you are growing apart and God needs to be in the center. I need to get this book. Thank you so much for your recommendation!


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