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Review: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

having a mary heart

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

By: Joanna Weaver

5 stars

“All over the world, people go to unimaginable lengths to find God—which is sad when you consider the unimaginable lengths God has already gone to find us.”


This was such a needed read. Weaver starts by sharing the well known story of Martha, and I instantly start to realize how much like Martha I truly am. I too would want my house to be perfect, to have the best meal, and to have everything perfect for our savior. We get so caught up in the “perfection” of being Christians that sometimes we just forget to stop and be with Him like Mary did. Weaver takes such a short story in the book and shows us the redemption of Martha and how much she had grown from the first time we see her to the last time, and shows us that we too can have that kind of growth.

I was expecting this book to be just about Martha, but it was so much more then that! Weaver shows us how to grow in every day life. She tells us her truths and struggles. Weaver  discusses christian burn out, how we believe in Him but don’t always trust Him, and how His grace surrounds us in those terrible times. I love how open and raw she is about her own doubts and burnouts. How she overcame those dark times, and how she tries on a daily bases to just be better than the day before. I have read some books that it felt like the author was just teaching down to me, but Weaver opens up and shows the reader that she struggles too. She encourages the reader to get back up and let grace carry you to the next step. It was very refreshing to have an author to open up as much as she did. Transparent authors are authors that I seem to stick with so I am sure I will be reading more of her books.

With all the content that is packed in this book Weaver brings it all back to Martha, and shows us how Martha grew in leaps and bounds. I  highly recommend this book it will leave you inspired, joyful, and encouraged. You will finish this book, and will remember to stop and smell the roses, and to sit back and relish in your relationship with God. From one Martha girl to another, pick this book up you will not be disappointed.

Let me know if you have read this book and your thoughts. What are some of your favorite reads? I am always looking for books to add to my list! I hope y’all are having a wonderful and blessed day.


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