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the blend


Today I am linking up with Narci from Grace and Love Blog to share this week’s Blend question. The Blend is on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

The question for today is: “What is your most embarrassing moment”?

To be honest I shook my head at myself when I saw this question because I am a walking billboard of embarrassing moments. Embarrassment is written in my DNA y’all, and it was hard to come up with the most embarrassing one, but I finally figured it out.

My husband’s grandmother is a little hard to impress, and when I first got married my mission was to try to impress her. To let her know that I love Chris and I am willing to learn, and try my best to be what he deserves has always been my goal. I wanted to show her that with my hard work I could earn her approval.

The first thanksgiving we were married we decided to host his family for thanksgiving. To say I was nerves would be an understatement. I needed everything to be perfect, because if it wasn’t the stories of my failures would be past down from generation to generation as the perfect holiday story/joke to share around the dinner table. Well my friends it’s easy to say that my story has already been the thanksgiving joke for years and the years to come.

When I started to make the turkey Chris told me he would help. I told him to wash the turkey and to get the bag full of the gross stuff out of the turkey. Once he let me know he had finished his part, I brine the turkey and thought nothing else of it. Thanksgiving day I cooked the turkey and y’all it was a gorgeous bird. I was so happy with it and the rest of the meal. I was ready for his grandmother to FINALLY think I was worthy. When we sat down for dinner his grandmother announced she would be the one to carve the bird. When she started to cut into the bird I was smiling ear to ear. The bird was beautiful and moist, then she stopped cutting, and turned the turkey towards her, and I kid you not, she pulled out the bag of gross stuff!

I just froze in place with what I am sure a look of horror and defeat was written all over my face. Chris tried to explain that was his doing, but of course she assumed he was just trying to cover for me. That was 5 years ago and she still brings it up. and if she doesn’t another family member will to get a good laugh. Now that it has been awhile I laugh too but there is still the sting of embarrassment that lingers hahaha.

I think that’s just part of being a new bride. Sometimes you try so hard and you have to realize you can’t be perfect. Sometimes something goes wrong, and you just have to laugh. Being a new bride comes with a lot of grace, and you have to remember everyone has done something similar. I am sure my grandmother-in-law tried to impress her new husband’s family at some point and it went completely wrong. You just have to laugh and go on with life.

I would LOVE to hear what your most embarrassing moment is. Did you embarrass yourself when you were a new bride, I know I can’t be the only one. If you did the feature make sure to leave your link below so I can get a few giggles in! I hope y’all are having a wonderful Tuesday full of fun and laughter!

3 thoughts on “The Blend”

  1. I love this post, because I can relate with wanting to impress my new family when I was first married and I love Thanksgiving. I host our families and we average about 30 people. It is my most favorite day. I am so glad that you are able to laugh now. You are right, we have all been there!


    1. Oh I am so glad you enjoyed the post!
      I feel like there isn’t much that tops embarrassing yourself in front of your in-laws.
      I love how big your family is! My husband and I both come from smaller families, but I love the idea of a big family =)


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