Grace With My Coffee

Welcome to Grace with My Coffee



Writing this post feels like coming home. Writing has always been a safe place for me. When I write I get all the happy feels; like I have the fluffiest blanket wrapped around me, a nice cup of coffee, and a hallmark movie on. I thought to start this blog out I would let you know what to expect to find at Grace with My Coffee.

Here on Grace with My Coffee I want to share what my heart beats for. You will see how I am always searching to grow in my walk with God. In my life He comes first, and I am growing in my relationship with him every day. I’m in my late 20’s and feel like I  am just NOW learning what a relationship with God really looks like. I was saved as a teenager, and for a long time thought that was enough. Now I push myself to grow, to put myself and my faith out there, and to share the love and hope that He has given me.


I’m a girl that lives in a modern world, but I live for traditions and anything old/antique. I love anything that has a history, and it has a story that needs to be shared. I try to take old traditions and make them new again. I want to share that with you here on Grace with My Coffee. I want to share my families traditions and hopefully inspire you to make your own.

Book reviews will simply have to be a must on this blog. I read constantly and I need to gush about the books I love. I am desperately hoping to find some more book nerds because we are a dying breed! So in a nutshell expect nerdy book conversations, book recommendations, and basically just anything bookish.

Grace with My Coffee is being designed to be a lifestyle blog, and that means I will be posting all my favorite things. So if I had to write it all in a sentence to try to peek your interest it would have to go something like this: Make sure to come back to Grace with My Coffee so you can come on this journey with me. I would love to share my unique and quirky flair on DIY’s, meal prepping, recipes, marriage, makeup, and all the things that makes my crazy life mine. Okay so that was two sentences, but hey I live on the edge!

So welcome to Grace with My Coffee, and I hope to meet so many new friends! Thank you for taking the time to stop by. If you want to follow this journey make sure to subscribe by email or bloglovin


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